William Buffington – Photographer/Videographer

Bill is based in Grapevine, Texas and has worked in most of the major cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. His love for photography started with the landscapes of the Colorado mountains and the deserts of Arizona. For the last 13 years his focus has been on the business owner and the independent professional, providing both still photography and video productions for events and visual content for social media marketing and websites.

Although his assignments very in subject and location the majority of his work today is with People, Landscapes, Commercial Properties and Drone services.


Our work ranges from head-shots to product development using both still photography and/or video as the medium. Our photography and video productions are used to sell or promote a product, event, service, or support an organization in becoming more effective in their messaging.New to our offerings is Drone Services.Serving both the Construction and Real Estate industries.

As far as pricing, both my photography and video project pricing is based on the expected outcome and location. I never charge for “first step” meetings for still photography or video productions.

My favorite quote is from Ansel Adams – “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

“AuditVisuals Media’s work was fundamental to the success of our visual communications program. Their services and expertise gave us the comprehensive solutions we needed. Our organization has since received accolades for our video communications program and we owe it all to AuditVisuals Media. We recommend them without hesitation to anyone wanting to build their brand through visual communications.” — Mark Guilbert, President Southlake Chamber of Commerce —

Bill has filmed our monthly events and done still photography for us since 2012. He also helped us analyze our web site statistics and marketing results and is masterful at producing training videos. A few years back he moderated focus groups for us and helped make them informative and fun while keeping participants concentrated on the subject.–Beverly Kotsanis, CEO,Kotsanis Institute–

It is my pleasure to submit my personal testimonial for William “Bill” Buffington and his business, AuditVisuals Media. Miracle League of Southlake, a baseball league for children with special needs 5 years old and older, played its first game in September 2015. Bill has been a part of our league since that date and has been involved with all our media needs ever since. We had learned early on that nonprofits are truly challenged to send our communications that will inform the community of what we offer our players. AuditVisuals Media was instrumental in this process by creating interest and excitement in our program. — John Slocum, Board Member of Southlake Miracle League —